Cross Functional Analytics – Unlocking Value

A good blog on the importance of choosing the right source data and understanding what it will achieve for your organisation.

Lyle Cooper - HR Technologist

spoonLike milk and cereal, peanut butter and jam, summer and swimming; sometimes things are better when they are combined. In many cases, the result of a judicious combination can be better than its inherent parts. Even if the components are not clearly related to each other, they can lead to synergies that combine to create something new and in many cases, better.

This is also true in an organisational context where one of the primary reasons for forming a collective, and focussing the energies of many people on a single goal, is precisely that:   Many people can achieve far more than individuals could achieve on their own.  This compounding of value is also true in analytics and reporting.

While great value can be extracted from the careful analysis of function specific data (Finance, Supply Chain, HR), the benefit and insight obtained from the careful combination of data across these functional…

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