About Me


For the last 30 years I have focused on challenging the way Human Capital is valued and maximized in the work environment, and in particular how technologies are used to create efficient business operations through people.

This was never my ‘life plan’ funnily enough. I was an aspirant Architect spurred on by my ‘arty’ parents. I was disillusioned by the mathematical demands so I dropped out, did 2 years of military service and landed a job in an HR department helping to implement their first HR system.

Along this journey, I fell in love with Psychology, Technology and Business Economics and went on to major in all three at Uni – which was a bit weird back in the 80’s, but now just what HR professionals need.
I spent 10 years as a hands-on HR Practitioner in the Chemical industry before moving into consulting, where I have been ever since. I spent 10 years at Deloitte, and 10 in a specialist HR company called Presence of IT, who were recently acquired by Deloitte. I am know the Global lead: HCM and Behavioural Technologist for Smart WFM

I bring a unique mix of business, psychology, technical, and HR experience into client discussions, and enjoy exploring innovative ways of building HR success.

Simplexity | CoZation | HR Maturity | HRTech | Robotics & Advanced Tech | UI design | Dashboards

In 2017 I was appointed to the AHRI (Australian HR Institute) advisory board on Technology.

I’m a founding member of the Maturity Institute (MI): The London based Institute striving to create vibrant, healthy and successful organizations through maximizing the value of people.


  • Columist for Inside HR
  • Guest Lecturer: University of Sydney Business School (Master in HR course)

Recent speaking gigs:

American Chamber of Commerce (Macau), HR Success (Thailand), Australian Computer Society (Hackethon judge) AHRI “Without the clichés – HR for real businesses” (Facilitator), HR Tech (Australia), American Chamber of Commerce (Singapore), IHRIM (USA), HR Connect, Higher Education User Group (HEUG), SAPInsider (USA, Singapore), Mastering SAP (Australia), Oracle Cloudworld, SuccessConnect (Australia, Singapore, USA), CSIRO Data61 (Robot Revolution Panelist), E’ffect Conference (Employee Experience), University of Sydney Business School: Masters in HR Launch, SAP Adaptive Strategies Webinar, PAFOW Podcast on Covid,  Panelist and various client breakfast sessions

Specialties: HR Strategy, HR operating models, Shared services, Centers of excellence, HR Business partnering 2.0, Strategic workforce planning, Talent management, HR system efficiency, Robotics and Automation in HR, Machine learning and AI, Engagment, User Experience (UX)

Contact rob at robscottinsyd@gmail.com



  1. Rob, insightful and thought provoking as usual.

    In the good times HR wanted to share the kudos of being a strategic fundamental of all successful business, I believe the HR community now have to take their share of the inevitable fall out from such decisions.

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