About Me

Global Lead: HR Strategy &  Innovation

Global Lead: HR Strategy & Innovation

Over the last 25 years, Rob has developed expert knowledge and experience in the areas of Human Resource and Talent management, HR strategy and the leveraging of technology in the HR environment. He provides excellent leadership to organizations wanting to achieve or improve financial and societal value through people. He has played leading advisory roles in HR system selections and implementations ( ERP, Best-of-Breed, SaaS), large scale project management,Process re-engineering, Strategic HR alignment as well as building strategic road-maps which are aligned to HR Maturity frameworks.

Rob has researched and consulted in knowledge management with specific reference to the role HR plays in the creating of effective knowledge based environments, and in particular the integration of social thinking in this space. He has successfully integrated his business, psychology, technical, and HR background into a broad value adding service to clients. Rob is a challenging consulting professional and is recognized as a thought leader within Presence of IT  in the role of Global Lead: HR Strategy & Innovation

Rob is a founding member and director of the Maturity Institute (MI): The Institute comprises a global network striving to create vibrant, healthy and successful organizations through maximizing the value of their people. For leaders and organizations seeking a new way of working; Maturity provides a vision, a framework and a rigorously defined way forward to achieve sustainable value creation, both for themselves and the societies in which they operate.Rob is the current CEO of HR Maturity Ltd, the management company of MI.

Contact rob at robscottinsyd@gmail.com


  1. Rob, insightful and thought provoking as usual.

    In the good times HR wanted to share the kudos of being a strategic fundamental of all successful business, I believe the HR community now have to take their share of the inevitable fall out from such decisions.

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