Would “free” Human Capital Consulting be abused?

There is a restaurant in London that does not put any prices on its menu ~ they simply ask patrons to pay what they think the experience and food was worth , if they think it was terrible, they can simply walk out without paying! The owners are so confident that their “product” is of such high quality that they are prepared to put their convictions to the test. The outcome….most patrons end up paying more than the price the owners would have put on the menu.

How confident are Human Capital consulting companies or internal HR consultants of the services they offer, and would they be prepared to only get paid for their services or receive their salary according to how  their clients or internal customers felt they had received value adding and high quality services?

Its an interesting question because I think many Human Capital service providers and internal consultants think they are adding value, but I’m not sure they would be prepared to put it to the ultimate test of letting the recipients of the service decide that. Is it because they lack confidence in their offerings or believe that non-HR folk don’t understand the real value of the service, offering or tool? Perhaps there is low levels of trust in HR to really make a difference beyond process efficiency ?

Back to the restaurant.. the chef may technically cook a meal to perfection, but that does not mean the patrons will like the food ~ a good chef is not only technically good, but understands what customers want. He blends technical perfection with client needs, in other words he accepts that the client might not recognise the value in being technically perfect, but adjusts to suite the need. In short he is in tune with the client.

To much HC work and consulting is done “out of tune” with the business requirements and if HR was the London restaurant, it would go out of business and the “HR Chefs” would not understand why.

Is anyone ready to take up the challenge of a “pay-for-value-perceived” HR consultancy or service provider?