Desire and Capability – Aligning the desire for HR analytics to BI Capability

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Lyle Cooper - HR Technologist


Being able to measure its own performance is critical to the HR function. One of the key challenges facing HR is its ability to track and measure those aspects of itself that truly add value to the organisation. Understanding this and the varying degrees of maturity in the process, are essential to designing an appropriate HR analytics approach.
Feedback is critical
Feedback is essential to the survival of any complex organism.  The human body has multitudes of feedback mechanisms to provide the brain with key information about the current state of the individual; pain, pressure, heat, proprioception, balance, sight, hearing etc. are all systems that incorporate different sensing networks that provide the brain with immense volumes of data. The brain then analyses this input to determine how well the body is progressing towards any one of a number of goals.  The ability to understand and apply this incoming information, as…

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