10 Things HR Transformation

Dug up an old presentation on HR Transformation. I remember putting this presentation together and at the time wondering how much of this would come to fruition in the general HR/Talent departments. I am pleased to say that there has been some movement in the right direction, but HR is generally still struggling to add visible, direct and aligned value to the overall business.

Of course it would be wrong to paint all HR departments with the same brush ~ I have seen some fantastic strategic changes in some clients where the HR role is integrated and critical to the overall business strategy – the CHRO is recognised as a real business agent. But in other (and sadly most companies) they are still little more that payroll/personnel departments. This is not to say that all HR departments should be strategic – in many organisations its not needed and there is no executive desire for a strategic role. The issue really is when HR tries and wants to be strategic, but just cannot get there. Often this is due to an incorrect level of HR Maturity, wrong HR leadership or an executive that needs education.

Enjoy the slides and let me know how you rate your HR department against the 10 focus areas.