What HR systems will need to support in the next 10 years

[Rob Scott wrote] An interesting¬†statement indeed. For the last decade most vendors have focused on giving us more and more transactional capability in their HR systems because that’s what they thought HR departments needed.

To be frank about this, we have far to much functionality in most products ¬†and vendors are struggling to keep up with the competition created to have the “Most Functionality” ~ Companies buy into products only to discover that the “core” of that particular system is fine, but the additional functionality tends to be weak, poorly integrated and is basically a “Pig with lipstick”. Future HR systems will need to refocus and support HR departments in different ways.

This is the paper I presented at the last IHRIM conference in Orlando, Florida (refer to previous blog). Its proved to be a very popular talk and we will be presenting it again via a web cast on 5 November 2008. If you are keen to enrol, click on this link http://www.ihrim.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=395&Itemid=1.