HR Strategy

HR finds itself at a cross-road (Again!)

For the last year or so the buzzword in HR circles is “HR Transformation”, but it got me thinking that this is not a new phenomenon in HR, we have always been telling ourselves that we need to change, adapt-or-die, become more business focused ~ well perhaps not “always”,but at least for the last 15 years of my HR career. So why is it that every now and again HR becomes a key focus in organisations and discussions around adding more HR value become the flavour of the year? More importantly though, do HR departments actually live up to these “periodic expectations” or do they simply spend so much time deciding what needs to happen that the organisation eventually shifts focus and finds other ways to deal with the HR issues.

Wow! what a cynical view, and that coming from an HR professional. Perhaps, but I don’t think I will have to much difficulty proving this either. So why is it that HR seems so reactive and unable to garner the  respect of a finance department ~ HR is a recognised profession and has professional bodies similar to Chartered Accountants, HR has created Shared services centres similar to Finance service centres, HR (often) has a seat at the board, so why then is HR is such disarray? – ah well , enough for now, answers will follow in further posts, and your views will be greatly appreaciated